Women's History Month

March 2021; Honoring Women & Girls Across NM

NMAAT celebrates and honors the women in our world with exuberance, strength and
understanding! During this March we will share news, updates, links to information, sharing
many inspiring messages of hope, wellness, and the joy of living life Nicotine Free. Welcome to
our Website! We hope you’ll discover something new, inviting, and useful to help you on your
journey too.

Women & Girls History Month Links

Black Women and HIV
In 2021, Black Americans must still deal with the facts that while we only make up 13% of the
U.S. population, we accounted for 42% of the 37,832 new HIV diagnoses in 2018, the highest
rate among all racial and ethnic groups. Black women accounted for 57% of the new HIV
diagnoses among women. There’s so much more to learn about health and wellness in our
community! We need to be reminded of the resiliency of our mothers, our women, and of our
babies. Checkout local resources for care and learn more about the impact of HIV in our
communities across the US!